Programmer for Forged by Zeus, David Charbonneau, at the 2017 Games

Athlete Mike Palomba - 32nd at the 2017 Crossfit Games

Athlete Tim Paulson - Two time Crossfit Games athlete

At Forged by Zeus we are proud to offer proven programs for athletes of every level. From Masters, to Sanctional/Games level athletes, to athletes who are looking to take their fitness to that next competitive level.

Followers of the Forged by Zeus program range from every day Crossfitters, to Regional and Games athletes across the country. David Charbonneau has been programming for nearly a decade - constantly experimenting and discovering, in an attempt to build the most well rounded and effective Crossfit program out there. His athlete's success is a testament to his success; but the journey isn't over. We are evolving every single day.

Curious about what program is right for you based on your goals? Head over to our FAQ page - or email us, and we will help guide you!

 Join us, and be a part of the Forged by Zeus army.

Join Competitors Build

Start improving your fitness today with 90 minute sessions focused on building a strength and skill base, and conditioning where intensity is always the priority. 
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Join Games Track

Time to take your competitive aspirations to the next level with the full program followed by our Games and Sanctional level athletes - get ready to train two sessions, comprising 3-4 hours per day. 
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Join Strength Program

This program is designed for any athlete looking to increase their base of explosive power, strength, and athleticism. Whether you are a collegiate or high school athlete, a crossfitter, or an iron slinger looking for a fun and effective program - THIS is for you! Power specific training combined with muscle building hypertrophy and simple, effective conditioning pieces make this program as potent as it is fun.
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