David Charbonneau has been writing programming at the top levels of competitive fitness for years. His keen eye for the trends in Crossfit and willingness to think outside the box and experiment has led him to develop one of the top notch programs, sending multiple individuals, teens, and teams to the Crossfit Games every year since 2016. Forged by Zeus went on to send 2 individuals, 2 teens, and 2 teams to the Crossfit Games in 2018. Tim Paulson has been following Forged by Zeus for over 5 years now, and Dave has helped take him from 44th at Regionals in 2013 to the world's 20th fittest man in 2017 - and earning two more Crossfit Games trips in 2018 and 2019. To beat the best, you have to train with the best. Every week compare your results to the entire Forged by Zeus team in TRIIB, and compete on social media as well using the hashtag #ForgedByZeus.

Meet Our Team

David Charbonneau

Dave has been programming for the top athletes in fitness for over half a decade now. He has competed at the Games on a team 3 separate times, and is also a full time coach at Crossfit Queens in NYC. Being both a top athlete, programmer, and coach gives Dave one of the most well rounded backgrounds to create a unique and comprehensive program unlike any other. Competitive Crossfit is Dave's full time job - and it shows in his athlete's growth.

Christopher Clyde

A competitor himself, Chris not only competed at the Crossfit Games multiple years on Team Dynamix (2013, 2014), but he also competed in every regional since 2013 both on teams and individually.

Professionally, Chris has been a Crossfit coach since 2012 and has also worked as a strength and conditioning coach at division 1 programs such as Princeton, University of Delaware, and the US Military Academy. Along with being one of the original FBZ athletes, coach Clyde will bring a unique perspective to programming and coaching our Strength program while believing strongly in the principles that make FBZ the best and most complete program out there for competitive exercising.

Tim Paulson

Tim has been following Dave's program since 2015, and has been a coach at his affiliate Crossfit Pallas since 2012. The Forged by Zeus program helped take him from a 44th place finish at Regionals in 2013 to the 20th fittest man on earth in 2017 - and earning two more Crossfit Games trips in 2018 and 2019. Being both an athlete and a full time coach gives Tim a unique perspective, and has allowed him to collaborate with Dave to help grow the program into what it is today - and what it will become in the future.