"The program is more of an evolution than a cycle" - David Charbonneau

Our Philosophy

This quote says so much about the guiding principles of Forged by Zeus. Crossfit the sport, the training methodology, and the lifestyle, is in a state of constant change. Pushing the boundaries of human performance and fitness on a daily basis. What works? What doesn't? Where do we focus our energy most to yield the best adaptations? Through a keen eye, years of experience, and a close relationship with our top athletes, this program stays at the leading edge of the industry. To help our followers prepare for anything and everything.

Our Programs

We have four tracks at Forged by Zeus - the Games Track, the Build Track, the Strength Program, and our Morning Monostructural.

For full details on each program, please head over to our FAQ page to get a description of the focus & goals, and what a 3 day sample program looks like for each track. Below our short descriptions of each.

The Games program is the full program followed by repeat Regional and Games athletes all over the US - we will leave no stone un-turned. Our team includes people such as Tim Paulson, Meg Reardon, Marquan Jones, Michael Palomba, teen Nick Tunzi, and teams such as CrossFit Balance and Crossfit Queens.

Our Competitors Build Program has a strong focus on building a foundation of strength, skills and conditioning in athletes who have aspirations to compete in sanctionals, but aren’t quite ready for the 3-4 hour training days our Games program demands.

Our Strength program is designed for any athlete looking to increase their base of explosive power, strength, and athleticism. Whether you are a collegiate or high school athlete, a crossfitter, or an iron slinger looking for a fun and effective program - THIS is for you! Power specific training combined with muscle building hypertrophy and simple, effective conditioning pieces make this program as potent as it is fun.

Our Morning Monostructural Program is the Monostructural conditioning component only of our Games program. This program can be followed in addition to any other program you currently are on, and can be added to our Masters program and Build Program for athletes looking to take their fitness to the next level in a safe and effective way.