FBZ Masters Program

This program is designed for athletes who are aging up and looking to compete in masters categories at a high level, or progress to the Crossfit Games via the AGOQ. Quality becomes far more important than quantity at this point in an athlete's competitive journey. As we age, our bodies require more care, and volume considerations, and that's what this program provides - and we do all of this with the same vision and principles that make our FBZ programs so successful.

Each session starts with an extensive warm-up and plenty of skill work to ensure the body is embracing proper movement patterns, and is 'overly warm' for each session. Then, strength protocols (ranging from barbells to gymnastics) that take into account our intensity first mindset. Conditioning pieces focus largely on capacity, and honing skills that we see in the Open & AGOQ stages of competition. For athletes who progress to the Games, we will individualize their program at this point to take into account the change in focus. Every session finishes with a proper cooldown to make sure our master's bodies are well taken care of, and ready for the next day.

These sessions will run 90 minutes, and for athletes who have more time to train and want to take it to the next level, we suggest the addition of our Morning Monostructural program (at half price, with our Masters + MM option) to accumulate more low impact volume and improve our aerobic capacity.

$40 - Billed Monthly

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