FBZ Strength

The FBZ strength program has one main objective - to create the most complete and powerful athletes possible. Founded on tried and true strength and conditioning principles to help all athletes improve where it matters most, athletes will be guided through a well-rounded, foundational development of the “big 3” in the strength world, the power clean, bench press and back squat. Through focused progressions of upper body muscle building and posterior chain centric lower body construction, athletes will experience improved injury prevention, overall athletic performance and good old fashioned iron slinging fun.

CrossFitters, athletes from any and all sports disciplines and anyone seeking a simple and potent approach to breaking through new PRs and personal progress will stand to benefit from the pull-push-squat emphasized program over the course of 5 full days of strength and power programming. The inclusion of muscle-growing bodybuilding hypertrophy work and sprint focused, simple conditioning each day will have the athletes feeling the pump and recovering like savage animals week in and week out. So whether you want to hit your off-season with an infusion of base-building and roof-erupting power specific training or if you’re just looking for a fresh approach to blast the tunes, sling the iron and feed the beast within, this program is going to leave you hungrier everyday for one of life’s most gratifying pursuit - complete animalistic savagery. Let’s crush it!
In addition to this program, you can add our Morning Monostructural track for half price (an additional $10) if you want to focus purely on aerobic capacity and strength work. Or, follow this program and then write your own metcons/join your gym's classes!

For a full, 4 day sample of our Strength track, head over to our FAQ page!

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